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The Hybrid Games: Friend or Foe? (Pt 4) :iconleomis:Leomis 0 0
Ambrosine by Leomis Ambrosine :iconleomis:Leomis 2 7 Kesare by Leomis Kesare :iconleomis:Leomis 1 3
The Hybrid Games: Putter-Hen (Pt 3)
Wilfred, a vivid blue and green Beggardle, wriggled in his spot guarding the entrance of the hybrid camp. He was strikingly different from his assigned partner, a bland grey Grimwulf with scarlet feathers adorning her shoulders. He knew that her name was Roxanne, but he called her Roxy because it got under her skin and was one of the few things that could break her serious concentration on her job as a guard.
Stretching languishly, Wilfred began whining at Roxanne for the millionth time that day. “Uhg it’s so boring out here!” Rocking back on his ass, he cupped her face with both hands, smooshing it as he spoke. “I really thought that there’d be more adoring fans lined up to try to poke and prod at the participants this year, and that I’d get to be all tough like, ‘Ha! Get back you foul fiends!’” slumping forwards, Wilfred sighed. “But only my mom showed up with some lunch!”
Roxanne was silent; it was getting perpetually
:iconleomis:Leomis 0 2
Hybrid Games: The Descent (Pt 2)
The sun began to hang low in the sky, not quite kissing the mountain tops as the party of three arrived at a ledge overlooking a system of crude lodgings. The frightful glint of crude metal cages reflected in the late afternoon sunlight, and all three trolls paused on what had previously been a casual journey.
Out of the three, Leomis had been the most nervous on the way here. Trying to quell the “what ifs” that had been flying around her head, she thought about how Kevin was young, and easily spooked, and besides that loved reporting about the “terrible” things she found on scouting missions as it was. Leo’s fears were confirmed, however, when she laid eyes on the shoddy settlement; this was indeed different from the little snipe’s usual findings. A few menacing, well-built trolls stalked the crooked rows in between the cages, occasionally bashing upside the ones that contained anything that dared to move.
“Is this it?” Leomis asked tent
:iconleomis:Leomis 0 9
The Hybrid Games: Discovery (Pt 1)
“Awww man I shouldn’t have started bets on who could go the farthest” Kevin tittered to herself as she furiously beat her four wings to propel her along in the sky. “I’m really gonna get it this ti-- whoa!” the snipe let out a sheik as she dodged a short peak that she’s failed to notice through her one-sided conversation.
The tiny distant spark of her group’s campfire, sat just a short way up the mountainous wall of a valley, came into sight just as she’d finally righted herself in the air. She bobbed in place for a few moments, grumbling while debating on whether or not she should pretend what she’d seen simply hadn’t been there. The set of shivers that ran down her avian back caused her to dip a bit in the sky, her wings having to work double time to right her flight again. What she had seen had been quite... unsettling, and her compulsion to share her find pushed her onwards.
Kevin’s sharp eyes spotted Leomis st
:iconleomis:Leomis 0 0
Spade Battlesheet by Leomis Spade Battlesheet :iconleomis:Leomis 2 0 Thane by Leomis Thane :iconleomis:Leomis 1 10 Matthew by Leomis Matthew :iconleomis:Leomis 5 22 Trollsona by Leomis Trollsona :iconleomis:Leomis 3 12 Grinch by Leomis Grinch :iconleomis:Leomis 3 15
Mysterious Eggs
A stout mirror beast hopped her way through piles of snow; she would have looked like the mini-sized variation of her species compared to the drifts if it wasn’t for the Snipe she’d been looking for, and had just caught up to.
“Kevin, Keviiiin!” the young mirror beast called. “Wait up! I said I was coming!”
Kevin swooped in low from above the beast, taunting while flapping her four wings furiously to hover in place. “Gonna have to move faster than that if you wanna become a real member of the day guard!” And with that, the colorful snipe was off again.
Nausicaä grunted in effort as she urged her stocky legs to push her through the snow faster. Eventually she came to a clearing in the snow drifts that held several other young trolls; Kevin, Sketes, Napstablook, and Thrym. They had all gathered around something, and Kevin was squaking with excitement.
Nausicaä trotted over to the group, finding her footing much easier in the shall
:iconleomis:Leomis 1 8
Avery Pheonix by Leomis Avery Pheonix :iconleomis:Leomis 0 12 Emporer's New Clothes by Leomis Emporer's New Clothes :iconleomis:Leomis 1 0 Charcoal Face by Leomis Charcoal Face :iconleomis:Leomis 0 5 Cerin the Know-No Bird by Leomis Cerin the Know-No Bird :iconleomis:Leomis 3 6


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Leomis let out a muffled screech as a sudden wave of panic spurred her to retaliate against the putter-hen that had just landed a painful jab in her side before retreating into a defensive stance. Just as Leomis managed to reign her wits back in, the hybrid lashed out again; this time jumping up and Swooping down at Veles, who exclaimed a sharp but hushed “Hey!”

Not wanting to get hit herself, Kevin Hid, hoping that the raging hybrid hadn’t noticed her all that much. With the hybrid’s attention fully on Veles, Leomis tried to get an urgent word of reason in edgewise, “Hey, we’re not here to hurt you!” Peering around, she hoped that none of the guards’ attention had been drawn; the released hybrid wasn’t making any effort to be discreet.

“Bullshit,” the hybrid retorted, her voice heavily accented. Leomis thought that it sounded Russian, but doubted that Russia still existed as a nation at this point. She slammed down into Veles’ head again, but this time around he managed to shove her off while uttering swears under his breath.

Finally finding her courage. Kevin dashes out of her hiding place and sharply shoves the hybrid back into its gaping cage. “Stop hurting Veles! He’s my friend, and he’s only trying to help you!” the little bird chirped indignantly.

“No one here helps you!” the hybrid spat bitterly. It was true, however, that the group before didn’t really seem to have very much malicious intent. The first real attack she’d taken was from the little snipe with a stick up her ass. “But...” she paused while seriously eying Leo’s group up and down. “You are not from avound here, are you?”

Leomis nodded her head vigorously, “No! That’s what we’ve been wanting to tell y--” her mouth was suddenly jammed shut by the rough paw of the hybrid.

“Fine, I vill trust you for now.” her accent was still strong, but not as heavy as when she was furious. “I am Cyzarine. If you vant to live then do as I say and shut your mouths.” The icey blue putter-hen’s survival instincts were still going strong; she knew that if the scene she’d created hadn’t attracted the guards then some other asshole would call their attention just to get her in trouble. She was known as the ice tsar after all, and many would love to see her squirm.

Leomis jerked away disliking the forced silence, but nodded and then motioned to another cage. It took Cyzarine a little while to figure out that Leo wanted to free another troll; a tiny birotter that had just arrived a few days ago. It couldn’t have even been more than a month old, but Cyzarine felt no pity.

“Ve must go, now!” she insisted as she slunk around behind Leomis. As she pushed past Veles, he a sever whisper her way, not bothering to hide the flashing of his salient teeth, “We do as she says, and if you try anything funny don’t think that won’t act to preserve her before you.” The bitterness in his voice was fueled by the knowledge that he was the toughest member of the group. This stupid haughty putter-hen shouldn’t have been able to best him so easily; he felt like he couldn’t take even one more hit without collapsing.

Cyzarine merely chuckled. “You do not scare me, you overgrown lizard.” Veles had doubted her during the battle, and she never passed up an opportunity to tear into an unguarded foe. Kevin could be heard softly going “Ooooooh burn!” as she dove stealthily between cages.

Interrupting the growing tenseness of the conversation, Leomis shushed the group with the motion of a finger held to her mouth, and then signaled for Veles to come over. She’d spotted a guard down a ways just one row over, and wanted to get this next cage open as quickly and quietly as possible. Heeding her lead, Veles casually slide over to the cage and went to work.

At the sight of the giant red gator-like troll, the tiny birotter tensed up in her caged. Everything was terrifying; she didn’t know where she was or why her mom and dad were gone, and she really didn’t like the toothy troll trying to open her box. As soon as the door popped open, the tiny troll bared her clawed feet outwards and kicked at the tiny purple troll, hoping that any confusion she caused would allow her to scramble away.

Failing to hold in a sharp, low grunt, Leomis took the brunt of a double Claw Kick straight to the bridge of her nose. Shocked by the sudden violent outburst by the tiny troll, everyone froze while Leomis rolled around, clutching her snout. After Leo managed to at least right herself, she spoke to the tiny troll while pinching her nose, causing her voice to sound clogged, “We’re not gunna hurt yu.”

The little birotter, didn’t seem to understand Leo’s words, but after several moments of not being reprimanded for lashing out she understood. Hesitantly at first, the little orange hybrid crept forward, and after taking in the faces of her rescuers she coiled up against Leomis and began to shake, crying.

Before Leomis could get out a, “Oh you poor little thing,” a cold voice sounded as it passed behind her,“Oh can you shut it up? Even better, put it back; it vill get us caught”

“You’re kind of a bitch, ain’t cha?” Kevin chimed in from a safe distance.

“Language!” the alarmatoad retorted at Kevin as she pushed the tiny troll up onto her back. Leomis turned in Cyzarine’s direction, reigning in her temper so that she could keep her voice down. “If we’re dragging your sorry behind out of here, then we can stop to help this little tyke, too.”

All the Leo got in reply was a stuffy “Hmph!” as the putter-hen tried to force the group towards the exit by shuffling farther away, one step at a time. Just as she felt they were making headway, however, one of her least favorite trolls in the whole area decided to speak up right as Leo was passing its cage.

“Psst, hey! Little purple lizard! C’mere,” came another accented voice, this time alluring and witty.

Turning, Leomis saw a caged knowmojac beast which had just begun giving off a thick cloud of mist. Little Kesare’s hackles rose when her eyes fell upon the beast; she seemed to hold a deep disdain toward it despite having only been in the camp for a short while. Regardless, the beast’s pupiless, nearly glowing eyes seemed to pull Leomis in, and her curiosity drew her over to its cage. “Yes?”

“I can be a real help to you if you get me out of here,” it started with a smooth, rhythmical voice. “Just look at the mist; getting away would be a breeze, don’t cha think?”

“Yea...” Leomis almost instantly agreed. It took a few moments for the rest of her team to notice that Leo was clumsily fiddling with the lock, too many moments for Cyzarine to warn Leomis who the beast truly was. The hybrid pounced as soon as the lock clicked, self preservation its only true thought.
The Hybrid Games: Friend or Foe? (Pt 4)
:'D Woo I've been fretting over this for way too long, so I'll just get it out and let it be. Please let me know what you think!

Leomis lv. 11 --> lv. 12
Kevin lv. 9 --> lv. 10
Veles lv. 16 --> lv. 17
Cyzarine lv. 15
Kesare lv. 15
Ambrosine as a recalt! She's currently mutated into a viranther.

Saint//Cain and all of the troll concept belong to :iconyenzig:

Kesare the Crested Oughtta-Know Birotter.

Gender: Female.


Level: 15

Attack: 60

Defense: 93

Innate Talent: Drain.

Special Moves:

-Claw Kick

Seasonal Move:




Level-Up Links:


Breeding Slots:






Original design by :iconyenzig:!

Wilfred, a vivid blue and green Beggardle, wriggled in his spot guarding the entrance of the hybrid camp. He was strikingly different from his assigned partner, a bland grey Grimwulf with scarlet feathers adorning her shoulders. He knew that her name was Roxanne, but he called her Roxy because it got under her skin and was one of the few things that could break her serious concentration on her job as a guard.

Stretching languishly, Wilfred began whining at Roxanne for the millionth time that day. “Uhg it’s so boring out here!” Rocking back on his ass, he cupped her face with both hands, smooshing it as he spoke. “I really thought that there’d be more adoring fans lined up to try to poke and prod at the participants this year, and that I’d get to be all tough like, ‘Ha! Get back you foul fiends!’” slumping forwards, Wilfred sighed. “But only my mom showed up with some lunch!”

Roxanne was silent; it was getting perpetually more difficult not to snap Wilfred’s pompous neck for his constant rambling.

After not getting a response, Wilfred fully flopped over onto his back, flailing his limbs and whaling, “Roooxyyyy!” until the Grimwulf finally snapped, her teeth bared only a few inches from his face.


“I’m boooored!” the Beggardle chided, seemingly oblivious to how close he was to having each of his tail feathers, which Roxanne knew he bore much pride over, torn out.

“For the 47th time, I don’t care.” Roxanne turned away, shaming herself for giving the huge fool the time of day. By the time she’d composed herself and looked forward, there was a grinning Arsocrux fewer than five feet away. Roxanne tensed; even though visitors were to be expected, she immediately didn’t trust the sleazy grin of the ‘crux who had now stopped, casually leaning his hips and tail to look casual on the spot.

“Wilfred,” she said sharply through the side of her bared teeth.

“Oh, changed your mind about having a decent chat, have y--” as soon as he tilted his head forward, Wilfred sprang to life. “VISITORS- I uh, I mean stay back foul defilers, of this magnificent gathering of horrid hybrids!” Wilfred wiggled his fingers in the air for effect. Roxanne had to steel herself against sighing in disgust. Then it hit her; visitors, plural? She scanned the red Arsocrux again and realized that there were two trolls huddled behind him; what appeared to be an Alarmatoad and a Snipe.

“Who are you, and what business do you have here?” Roxanne said with a serious, harsh voice.

“Well my kindly lady, and sir,” the Arsocrux emphasized with a slight bow towards Wilfred, who nearly broke his tough facade to clap in delight. “My name is Pele, and I’m here to pay my homage to this wonderful culling of filth. Bring it forward,” Veles motioned leisurely towards the two behind him.

Squawking, “Right boss!” the Snipe nudged a hesitant Alarmatoad forwards. The scrawny thing, with an admittedly attractive purple hue, seemed to cower under the unimpressed gaze of Roxanne. The Grimwulf had to smack down Wilfred’s paw as he was reaching to poke the little trembling Toad. “What purpose does this weakling serve here, Pele?” the way Roxanne said the fake name was piercing, as if she knew, inherently, that it was a lie.

“Why, it’s a contribution!” Veles announced with grandeur, refusing to be intimidated. He leaned forward and lowered his voice, making it seem as though he didn’t want the younger two trolls listening in. “I know that hybrids don’t just materialize out of this air. Something has to...” Veles made suggestive gestures with his forelimbs. “Make them.”

Roxanne mirrored Veles’ disgust, and Wilfred cooed out a, “Oooh you’re so dirty mister Pele!” under his breath.

“What’s the Snipe for?” Roxanne, the distrust lessened but still present in her voice.

Veles grunted and rolled his eyes. “Oh, her. A pair of Shrikes wanted her to get training in my line of work,” he said as he motioned to the purple alarmatoad. “Picking out quality stock and all.” He leaned in again, glaring a bit at the Snipe, who seemed blissfully unaware of what was going on as she pecked at the Alarmatoad for any unwanted motions. “And you know how Shrikes can be. It’s hard enough building up a reputation as a ‘crux, but with a pair of Shrikes on your back? Forget it”

Wilfred nodded, trying to look sagely and understanding of the problems that Arsocruxes faced. Roxanne just grunted. “Fine,” she said shortly. “But if your little visit doesn’t seem right when we report it to our lady Serract, you can be sure there will be hell for you to pay,” the Grimwulf said, making one final intimidation.

Veles had to keep malice from creeping into his grin; his group had already had an altercation with the so called “Lady of the Mountains”, and despite Leomis’ battle ending in victory the stability of the group had suffered afterwards. “Of course; I always obey the will of the regional power with the greatest of respect,” Veles purred with grace. “But, if you could kindly direct me to where I may leave this little whelp...?” Veles left the question hanging as he motioned to the Alarmatoad with an apathetic wave of his tail.

Wilfred jumped in, happy to have something to do. “Yes, yes, let you me show you in! I’ll have to let the other guards know to leave you be,” he said as he ducked into the cluster of cages. “Don’t get too close to the bars, mister Pele; some of these louts have nasty, grabby claws!”

“Thank you, I will keep that in mind.” Veles said as he nudged Leomis in front of him with one of his rear legs, the two working together to make it look like a painful kick. “Move, you!” Veles spat out. Kevin joined in, parroting, “Yea, move, move!” as Leomis squeaked meekly in mock terror. Wilfred waved as the trio disappeared into the maze of hybrids, happily returning to his post after he could no longer see them.

After Veles thought that he’d be out of earshot, he cautiously whispered for Kevin to settle and shut up. Casually peeking over some of the shorter cages, Veles could only see the Grimwulf standing guard in the front. She was somehow even more intimidating than Ace, his group’s own ‘wulf, and the sight of her worried Veles. “What now?” he whispered down to Leomis.

“I think we should smash all the locks open!” Kevin said, right before a set of claws caught her tail. She had to choke down a yelp as several of her tail feathers were snatched away before she could flee farther ahead, her sense of nobleness gone.

As Leomis watched Kevin quietly berate the troll that had snatched at her, from a safe distance, she tried to regain some of her injured pride; panicking was in her nature, but she’d like to think that she seldom cowered as openly as she’d just done to convince the guards to let them pass. “Now,” she said in a hushed, stony voice to Veles, “we get some of as many hybrids out of here as possible.”

Veles could tell that Leo was upset, and he’d hoped that his performance hadn’t been too good; he didn’t agree with the treatment of the hybrids either, but had found long ago that voicing that opinion was dangerous. “Where do you want to start?” the sarcasm was barely masked in his tone as he motioned around with his tail. There was absolutely no way they were going to get every single hybrid out of this place; hell, they’d barely get out five if they wanted to remain discreet.

Strolling along, Leomis looked at the yowling faces through their ramshackle bars, until she came to one still, silent cage. Within it there sat a tattered troll, stubbornly facing away from the strangers. Their beak was poised in the air as if, despite being caged, they were still above everything going around them. Leomis sat in front of the hybrid’s cage and morosely pointed. Veles nodded, then beckoned Kevin. “You still have them?”

Kevin chirped cheerily as she released several sturdy looking sticks and a couple of decent sized rocks that she’d kept tucked above her feet. “Thought you’d never ask; those weren’t comfortable, all up in my--”

“Yes, yes,” Veles cut her off as he gingerly grabbed a stick and a rock. Wedging the stick in between the door of the cage and the frame he waited for Leomis to nod before he went at it, hammering away until the cage’s door fell loose. All three of them were surprised by a few things; how flimsy the cages actually were, why the trapped hybrids hadn’t already tried to escape, and why the hybrid that was now free hadn’t budged an inch toward their newfound freedom.

“Uhm,” Kevin tried. “Hey, you.”

The hybrid merely glanced at Kevin from the corners of its narrowed eyes, not even turning their head.

“Hey, wouldn’t you like to go?” Kevin squawked obnoxiously before Leomis and Veles could shush her. In a storm of annoyance, the hybrid wheeled at Kevin and nearly smacked her straight on the snout.

“I will go at you if it means shutting you up!” the hybrid shrieked as it lunged at the group.
The Hybrid Games: Putter-Hen (Pt 3)
Let the rescue battles begin!

Points towards leveling:
Leomis lv. 11
Kevin lv. 8 --> lv. 9
Veles lv. 16
So, in an attempt to figure out why I'm such a cynical person, instead of just skeptical, I eventually came to the question "How does one get to the point where they trust themselves?" 

Anyone have any ideas? Because I sure don't.
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