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Thane, after being mutated into a Spring Rebound. He's a grumpy, pretty little cotton candy princess.


Gender: Female Easily Discouraged Alarmatoad

Affiliation: Saint.

Designation: Summer

Current Level: 10

Wins: 4

Losses: 0

Attack: 72

Defense: 94

Innate Talent: Fleet Foot - Always a 30% chance an opponent's straight attack will miss.


  • *Heat Wave

    • Temperature of surrounding area is raised!

    • +Puts user back on equal footing with an Autumn troll for 2 turns [meaning Strain-battle is negated on the user's side -- an Autumn will then do REGULAR damage and not weighted.]

  • Panic

    • User frets itself into a frenzy

    • -8 defense to victim

    • -5 defense to user

  • Explode

    • User goes BLAM! and causes damage to its opponent (and KO-ing itself -- except it comes back as if nothing happened)

    • +100% chance user will KO but come back at half normal defense

    • -6 defense to victim

  • Copycat

    • User steals victim’s last move for itself

    • ~Effect depends on move stolen; effects are temporary, and stolen move not be kept past end of battle

  • Lv 15

About: Leomis is an alarmatoad. A particularly anxious alarmatoad.  Even the littlest of things can set her off, like a snowflake falling the wrong way into her eye.  She is also a very lucky alarmatoad; thus far her daily nerve fueled explosions to other space-time dimensions have failed to permanently separate her from her ever growing group of trolls.  Is the group’s bond strong enough to bring her back each time, or were there just that many spiders?

Plans: Evolve into a Pondscudder at level 15.



Gender: Male Winter Solstice Daemon.

Current Level: 15

Affiliation: Neutral.

Designation: Autumn.

Wins: 32

Losses: 5

Attack: 211

Defense: 211

Innate Talent: Drain - Each time troll is hit with a straight attack, its opponent's attack stat drops by 2X its level. If attacking Troll is level 5, its attack stat will drop by 10 (5 X 2).


  • *Dry Up

    • All ice on the field is absorbed into the earth

    • +Puts user back on equal footing with a Winter troll for 2 turns [meaning Strain-battle is negated on the user's side -- a Winter will then do REGULAR damage and not weighted.]

  • Whirling Flail

    • User flies about like a dervish, randomly striking everything within range (hits multiple targets in melee battles)

    • -70 defense of every opponent struck

    • +30% chance of double-strike

  • Killing Frost

    • User causes the temperature to plummet, coating everything in thick frost and causing a chance for frostbite and death

    • +50% chance of instant KO

    • -125 defense to victim

    • +20% chance of victim’s weapons and armor being negated

  • Black Out

    • User draws in and absorbs all light within itself, turning both the battlefield and itself dark as pitch and healing itself from damage

    • +120 defense to user

    • +40% chance of victim's next attack missing

  • Lv20

About: Grinch has risen above his petty pessimistic attitude towards holidays, or so he claims. In reality he still enjoys ruining others fun, but he now does it by having the driest and slightly dark sense of humor; very few can tell if he's being serious or cracking a witty joke. One of the biggest changes in his personality is that he is much more content to quietly watch instead of making pessimistic remarks at every opportunity.  When he does choose to speak, trolls take note. Being one of the strongest members of Leo’s group, Grinch begrudgingly took up the mantle of the group's defender after Leomis pestered him into it. He truly didn't mind as much as he let on, however, seeing as he has respect for the Alarmatoad and how she leads her group. He’s even taken on an apprentice in spunky little Nausicaa.

  • Purebreed (none planned)

  • Hybrid (none planned)

To everyone in the Saint/Cain troll group - if you're interested in acquiring a Scarcosaur, Axolocaulus, Hylorinthi, Avagalid or Weaporinae, I will either be actively breeding for them or breeding upon request.

I will be breeding for the Axolocaulus myself, and if I get more than one offspring I will be doing a giveaway. After breeding for the Axolocaulus, however, I may need some help getting a Hylorinthi because both Vashni and Shuni, my (to-be) Scarcosaurs, are male. After breeding for Hylorinthi, I will be doing a giveaway if I have extras, and I will also be giving away Shuni.

I will also be willing to breed my female (to-be) Avagalid, Centrola, for more Avagalids or Weaporinaes. I can also breed for Scarcosaurs, since I will be using a Nip/Tuck Syrup on Vashni eventually.

NOTE: I can not currently do any of these things, because I still need to get Shuni, Vashni and Centrola drawn and to level 15. If anyone interested in trading or breeding is willing to help with battles to level these three up, I will gladly trade an offspring for the assistance.


Leomis's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am an up and coming art student who is currently building their art portfolio. Unfortunately, because I have a terrible scanner and camera, and have not yet mastered digital art, I seldom upload current drawings. I'm still willing to try out the occasional request, though. I do not have any means to be paid, however, and I will most likely only draw things for friends.



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Leomis Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
*Screeches in futile resistance*

(For real tho; wut?)
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Thanks for adding A small study in body language to your collections. I'm happy that you like the piece :la:
Leomis Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
:) No problem! I always keep an eye out for good instructions when it comes to adding variety and personality to the figures that I draw.
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