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5-Way Hybrid by Leomis
5-Way Hybrid
Here's my five way hybrid! After quite a good deal of debating, I settled with the jib-jabbering froggump, notorious excuse oughtta-otter, thorny tongued pond scudder, wimpy pashafish, and the compulsively cleaning purit hen. (I've finally made it nice and digital.)

I'm not sure what to name it, however. :iconyenzig: The split will be 25% Pond Scudder, 25% Froggump, 25% Pashafish, 12.5% Oughtta-Otter, and 12.5% Purit-Hen. :'D I'll try to help with coming up with the hybrid needed to create this one, but I'm kind of bad when it comes to factoring in percentages and the like.

This troll’s fur is mostly short and waterproof, like an otter’s, and they have gills up close to their jaws, making them amphibious. The webbed fin and toes also making this troll a strong swimmer, aiding their underwater lifestyle. The eyes have a translucent lid that closes underwater and can be used to blink, but no outer lid. The pupils can vary in size to be round, but are usually retracted to a thin sliver. The large ears allow for excellent hearing, and are usually used to locate other trolls to avoid. The flowy mane coming off of the neck is actually loose webbing that tends to collect algae, making it plant-like in appearance. Despite having a hard, beak-like upper jaw, they they have eight sharp, small teeth on their upper jaw, and six small, as well as two large teeth on their lower jaw. The tongue has a few barbs lining its surface, and ends in a small luminescent bulb. This bulb isn’t used often; only when the creature feels it’s being ignored. This troll has a few scattered stones embedded in its body; these are possibly to attract prey or subdue others that are drawn to bright, shiny objects. The front legs are much more powerful than the rear legs; this is likely because they are main source of propulsion for this troll underwater. The “claws” on the front legs are more like flexible nails, and are hard as rocks. The rear legs have dangerously sharp talons, and are not to be overlooked. Each leg has a sharp, bony protrusion, similar to the horns on the head. The small, tail-like objects near this troll’s tail are feather-like feelers that help it feel in murky water. These feelers can grow as long as the tail itself as this troll ages. At the end of the actual tail, there is a well-hidden stinger among spiky fur; it is venomous, but not often brandished.

This troll will only live in the area that is the opposite of its purit-hen equivalent; although usually only applicable to the fire/ice varieties. Ice-types will prefer warm climates, whereas fire-types will prefer colder habitats. They do this to keep the elemental aspect from overwhelming their internal equilibrium. Otherwise, they tend to live in damp, humid, watery environments.

Personality description is in the works!

This will pertain most to my friends within the Saint//Cain group!
Ever wanted to know what trolls I have but can't find out (because I'm super slow at drawing them)? Well now you can know with this handy-dandy list! I'll update this every now and then when evolutions/fusions/mutations/etc change my trolls' species.

Saint trolls in my group
-Leomis (Leo, female alarmatoad)
-Dectrick (male critiquill)
-Adara (female mudgriffin)
-Spade (male copybara)
-Ivi (female leafy sponge)
-Ambrosine (female recalt)
-Matthew (Matt, male sneak wraith)
-Faust (male imperrol)
-Lewis (male trottoga)
-Lachlan (Lockie, male hypercrite)
-Sketes (male gimmie'er)
-Kevin (female gutter snipe)
-Veles (male pikorra)
-Nausicaä (female mirror beast)
-Bertha (female fustileech)
-Hex (Bex, Gex, Vex; female four-headed hydrake)
-Gigi (male glitterthang)
-Kesi (female tweaker)
-Babak (male alarmatoad)
-Sidonia (female copybara)
-Murasaki (female mirror beast)

Neutral trolls in my group
-Cerin (male mudgriffin)
-Aeneas (female bobo)
-Breen (male woozle)
-Corentin (Coren, male LCT)
-Wednesday (Nes, female mudgriffin)
-Napstablook (female deadark)
-Torio (male mudgriffin)
-Cepheus (male jujubeast)
-Galahad (male cuckoo)
-Moria (female oughttaotter)
-Valeria (female lecherpede)
-Enoch (male health nut)
-Fechín (Fin, male mudgriffin)
-Manauia (female beggardlepede)
-Akatosh (male whyaye)
-Grinch (male humbug)
-Night Fox (Kane, female justifox)
-Leurux (male mantis knight)
-Harper (male whineosaurus)

Cain trolls in my group
-Sloane (female GCT)
-Thrym (male phusling)
-Ace (female grimwulf)
-Sagira (female alarmatoad)
-Vanessa (female lone drone)
-Jade (female mip)
-Lita (female woozlebeast)
-Centrola (female slugwug)
-Devlin (male imperrol)
-Osiris (male mudgriffin)
-Thane (male rebound)
-Liddell (male waah'er)
Official List of Team Leomis
Since I don't have a full list of all my trolls up anywhere on DA and because I'm super slow at putting up artwork, I thought it'd be a good time to compile a list so that others can reference it. This will be updated every now and then. I may even add short descriptions of each troll eventually, once I figure out a good way to organize the text.

The creative power behind Saint//Cain is :iconyenzig:

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Right as she was slowing down while passing into the boundary of camp, Lita heard a shrill shriek, one that could only have belonged to her little sister. This spurred her exhausted legs into motion again, and as she neared the center of camp she saw something that made her gentle nature fly out the window.

Nausicaä was lying on the ground, motionless against a small bank of snow which had built up behind her as she assumedly had been sent flying. As her woozle half kicked in, causing angry tears to form in her eyes, Lita nearly dropped the precious herbs as she ran over to her sister. Matthew, her father was there seconds before she was, fully uncloaked by his tail and corporeal; as rare sight indeed.

As soon as Matthew saw the herbs in Lita’s mouth has snatched them away and began to sift through them. Muttering under his breath, he deftly grabbed a rock and began crushing up the little flowers Nausicaä had picked earlier with his bare claws; he didn’t have time to find another rock.

Lita looked around, the entire campground blurry from the furious tears welled up in her eyes, trying to figure out who had done this. Her attention finally settled on two figures near the fire, which had been put out with what seemed like an entire snow drift. Grinch stood, but it was obvious that the mere act of taking a stand was hurting him; his arms quivered under his own weight, and every breath his took was laborious. Thane was adjacent to Grinch, starting him down, the armor plating on the rebound’s back seeming to stand on end.

Had the Thane done this to Nausicaä? Lita wondered. She knew his feet and tail were powerful enough to smack around nearly anyone in camp. Coming to a snap decision, Lita suddenly lept up toward the two mutated trolls, her voice ragged as she shouted, “Who did this?!”

“Lita,” said a flat voice from behind the enraged woozlebeast. Lita froze; it was her father’s voice, louder and stronger than she’d ever heard it. His tone was the equivalent of being shouted at by most parents.

“Come here, Lita” Matthew beckoned. Lita meekly turned from the two stronger trolls, but not before she noticed a little yellow blur on Thane’s back; Vanessa. The nasty little insect was never up to any good, and the idea that there might be a pact between the bug and Thane took root the back of her mind.

Vanessa sniggered, knowing the bigger trolls she was near wouldn’t hear her from their own bickering. “Yea, run back to your cowardly daddy, weak little mutt,” she leered at Lita’s backside.

Before Lita could snap around to retort, or claw at Vanessa’s insectoid face, whichever came first, Matthew barked at Lita, as if ordering her.

“Come. HERE.” Another wave of sheer cold shivered down Lita’s back as she sheepishly looked her father’s face, which had turned to face her. It was fully projected and crystal clear, his eyes sharp and full of dark anger. Lita had only ever known her dad to be meek and soft around the edges, literally and figuratively, so his look struck a chord of foreboding in Lita that nothing else that day had done.

As Lita carefully approached her father, she noticed that his attention was truly focused on Nausicaä; he was trying to get her to eat the poultice he’d just made, gently coaxing it into her mouth. Lita noted with horror that the leaves in her little sister’s mane were already turning orangey brown at the very tips, and that it looked as though her side had a sizable impact crack running down it. Fiery hot anger prickled right behind Lita’s eyes again, and right as she was thinking about turning right back around and clawing, snapping, biting, anything, Thane and Vanessa, her father stopped her by putting one of his plant slime encrusted paws on hers.

“Don’t,” he managed between soft coos of encouragement to Nausicaä. “One of my brave little girls has already tried her best to save the day, and I don’t think I could handle it if both of you were hurt.” Matthew’s expression had returned to its usual humble projection, and he was trying to smile at Lita. Lita could see right through his shallow smile; right to the misery on the other side of his two-dimensional face.

Lita, partaking in the old misery loves company saying, nuzzled her head down underneath Nausicaä’s, and hoped her dad, for the first time, to take decisive action and succeed.
Dawn of Dark Days Pt. 5
The story goes on. As always, please leave comments to let me know what you all think, and let me know if I've made any grammatical mistake so that I can fix them.

Trolls mentioned: Lita (woozlebeast), Nausicaä (mirror beast), Matthew (mirror beast), Vanessa (lone drone), Thane (spring rebound), Grinch (winter humbug), Dectrick (critiquill), Night Fox (justifox).

All original concept for the Saint//Cain trolls belong to :iconyenzig:

Since I'm super duper lazy and have much school and adult to do, I will be posting all of my teams' current levels/stats on this journal.  I'll catch up and do official sheets for them eventually. 

Leomis: Lv 2

Atk: 7

Def: 11

Cerin: Lv 4

Atk: 26

Def: 23

Sloane: Lv 4

Atk: 31

Def: 27

Dectrick: Lv 2

Atk: 15

Def: 22

  • Listening to: Undertale Soundtrack
  • Reading: Fables comics
  • Watching: A pathetic amount of progress in my sketchbook
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Eating: Gum


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I am an up and coming art student who is currently building their art portfolio. Unfortunately, because I have a terrible scanner and camera, and have not yet mastered digital art, I seldom upload current drawings. I'm still willing to try out the occasional request, though. I do not have any means to be paid, however, and I will most likely only draw things for friends.

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