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“Awww man I shouldn’t have started bets on who could go the farthest” Kevin tittered to herself as she furiously beat her four wings to propel her along in the sky. “I’m really gonna get it this ti-- whoa!” the snipe let out a sheik as she dodged a short peak that she’s failed to notice through her one-sided conversation.

The tiny distant spark of her group’s campfire, sat just a short way up the mountainous wall of a valley, came into sight just as she’d finally righted herself in the air. She bobbed in place for a few moments, grumbling while debating on whether or not she should pretend what she’d seen simply hadn’t been there. The set of shivers that ran down her avian back caused her to dip a bit in the sky, her wings having to work double time to right her flight again. What she had seen had been quite... unsettling, and her compulsion to share her find pushed her onwards.

Kevin’s sharp eyes spotted Leomis strolling along a little ways outside of camp with the group’s cook, Veles; Kevin wasn’t sure whether she should be happy to not have to look for the tiny alarmatoad or despair at how quickly she’d have to cough up her find. Nonetheless, she dipped and bobbed her way down out of the air to meet the two on the ground.

“So, maybe just to get him to shut up for a little while, you could at least listen to Enoch while you’re preparing food?” Leomis gently questioned the arsocrux padding along besides her. From the way his eyes were narrowed he didn’t at all look impressed with what the little alarmatoad was saying.

“But Leo” he whined, a slight accent carried in his voice, “the little nut is so obnoxious. I would end up cutting off one of my toes and flinging it at him just so shut him up!”

Leomis scrunched her face up at the thought of toes being flung around the camp's makeshift kitchen. “Ew, really Veles?”

“Really really,” the red arsocrux said with a smooth finality. Leomis could never tell if he was being serious or not, since after evolving his lies became much more subtle.

Shaking her head, Leomis tried to come up with a compromise; Enoch and Veles had always been at each other, scrapping over who should be the group’s cook. Leomis wasn’t even sure why Veles, previously a pikorra, would ever want the position, but he had stubbornly clung to it ever since he’d joined up.

Just as Leomis was about to suggest that they dump Enoch into the hands, or more aptly leaves, of the group’s pashafish, something grabbing at her tail nearly caused Leo to lose her footing.

“SHIT-- Nes I swear if that was you--” Leomis blabbered out before she caught her feet and wheeled around. Instead of the expected arse of an absconding, mischievous mudgriffin, Leomis was met by Kevin, who seemed unusually nervous. Putting aside her sudden outburst of anger Leo forced her body to relax, composed herself and spoke calmly, “Yes, Kevin?”

The colorful snipe, who much to Veles’ disgust decided to settle on his back, fidgeted in place. She sheepishly looked from Leomis to Veles, the ground then the sky, like a small child that had been caught doing something they knew not to.

“Well?” Veles pushed, getting tired of the snipe doing jigs on his back. He was just about to swat her off with his tail when she finally spoke up.

“Uhm, I think I found something? Over there, a ways past what we can see here!” she said as she pointed with one of her four wings into the distance. The hope that Leomis wouldn’t question her further worked its way into her mind, and the thought of being able to forget what she’d seen made her giddy.

“What did you find?” Leomis asked, confused.

“Doesn’t seem like you brought anything back with you,” Veles quipped. “Tell me my young lass, are you trying to usurp my position as the group’s best liar?” he smiled with his mouth full of teeth. “Because you’re doing poorly.”

Kevin was flustered at the taunt and all of the teeth, so many teeth. Hopping a little further away from Veles’ face, but stubbornly remaining on his back, she hesitantly chirped, “I didn’t bring it back because... it was too big for me by myself”

“Hah! That’s nearly anything you could find out here.” Veles chuckled to himself. Leomis interrupted before the two got any further into their argument.

“Kevin, what was it? You’re usually so full of lengthy details,” Leo couldn’t help but add.

Kevin rolled her eyes and muttered, “Okay, okay, I get it.” She hopped down so that she was eye-to-eye with Leomis. “But I think this was... bad.” Kevin dug her toes into the ground, gripping the gravely dirt tightly. “I didn’t think that I should’ve been there alone--,” Kevin realized her slip up when Leomis’ eyes narrowed and brows raised. “I mean, uh, I was there with my friends! Yea, totally in a super safe group!”

Leomis continued to stare the snipe down until she finally shut herself up. “You’re going to show me what it is you found, and where,” her voice was sharp, flat, like that of a reprimanding parent. There was no room for Kevin to budge against that voice, for the younger more mischievous trolls knew it well. “And while we’re on our way you're going to tell me what you actually saw, in detail.”

Kevin opened her beak, thought better of it, then looked down. “Okaaay.”

“And before we leave, you’re going to tell Cerin, and only Cerin, that I’ll be taking you and Veles on a trip.”

Veles’ head perked up with disdain at his inclusion. “Me? Why me? What’d I do?”

“You were here. I don’t need half the camp coming after me in concern or just sheer curiosity, and thus you’re coming with me so that you can’t open you huge maw and blab grandiose lies as to where I’m going”. As Veles’ jaw remained slack in disgust, sputtering lame excuses, Leomis continued with a gentle nudge of her elbow against Veles’ leg, “Besides, you need to get out and stretch your new legs more as it is.”

As Kevin fluttered off, snickering as Veles began an indignant speech as to how he was the most coordinated arsocrux to ever walk the whole world.
The Hybrid Games: The Discovery (Pt 1)
The second part will hopefully be finished soon!

Points towards leveling:
Leomis lv. 10
Kevin lv. 6 --> lv. 7
Veles lv. 15
Spade Battlesheet

Spade the Radiantly Idealistic Mortejac

Gender: Male


Level: 15

Attack: 79

Defense: 122

Innate Talent: Drain

Special Moves: Copycat, Claw Kick, Puncture



Breeding Slots:






Biography: It came as very little surprise to anyone that Spade evolved into a Moretjac; his constant goals to get to be happy and feel good about themselves had worked its way so far into his indecisive little mind that it shaped his very being. The only one who knows how to properly balance Spade’s irrational positivity is the cynical Ace, once a Copybara herself, now a Grimwulf.

So, in an attempt to figure out why I'm such a cynical person, instead of just skeptical, I eventually came to the question "How does one get to the point where they trust themselves?" 

Anyone have any ideas? Because I sure don't.
  • Listening to: Woodkid
  • Reading: Sonny's Blues (James Baldwin)
  • Drinking: Water
Thane, after being mutated into a Spring Rebound. He's a grumpy, pretty little cotton candy princess.
So, in an attempt to figure out why I'm such a cynical person, instead of just skeptical, I eventually came to the question "How does one get to the point where they trust themselves?" 

Anyone have any ideas? Because I sure don't.
  • Listening to: Woodkid
  • Reading: Sonny's Blues (James Baldwin)
  • Drinking: Water


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am an up and coming art student who is currently building their art portfolio. Unfortunately, because I have a terrible scanner and camera, and have not yet mastered digital art, I seldom upload current drawings. I'm still willing to try out the occasional request, though. I do not have any means to be paid, however, and I will most likely only draw things for friends.



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